Colour Catch UK Liquid vehicle wraps

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Pre wash - Pre Dip - Cleanse

We ask all our customers to deliver their vehicles washed & dried the night before the application. This is to ensure all nooks and crannies are free from water, which can effect us carrying out the vehicle wrap. Because our procedure uses air guns & compressors, when going through layers water can be blown from certain areas onto the dipped surface which can delay the finished product.

Preperation is Key

Preperation is key. We always prep to our maximum potential, removing body parts if necessary to ensure a smoother finish. Bad prep equals bad jobs & can make life 10x harder than it needs to be.

The liquid wrap application

The application consists of using Liquid Dip, in the form of Plasti Dip or Full Dip & Nothing else! We use proven & tested products only, and will not use cheap rubbish from china! We want to ensure our products are fit for purpose & made to last, so we will always use products trusted by the automotive enviroment & recommended by our international suppliers.



Please ensure that care is taken after all vehicle wraps are complete. For light coloured vehicles, it's important to ensure the car is kept clean and free from bird poop & fuel spillages at all times.

Steps to ensure your wrap is reserved:

    - Keep vehicle cleaner than normal to preserve colour
    - Always use a rag around nosel when filling fuel
    - Make habit's with removing bird poop at first sign
    - Jet washes & normal washing proecdures are fine


Please Note:

We only use the following for mixing our products : 65% Xylene and 35% Naphtha. This mix of the thinners ensure the product is 100% peelable, and does not damage the paintwork of the car.