Colour Catch UK Liquid vehicle wraps

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Our work

Custom colours can be chosen from the following website by clicking this link : Pantone Colour Chart List

Our Portolio
Emblem's Black White Cobat Blue
Yellow Thundercloud White Alloy refurb
MK5 Golf Custom Teal Alloy dipping Spoiler dipping
3x dip deal Glossifier Indy kit car Chameleon

Most Popular

Matte Black
By far the most popular of all colours so far. Mainly because of black being the in thing for alloy wheels, mirrors and emblem's.

Matte White
Our second most popular choise for customers, as the full white liquid wrap in this colour looks crisp when the sun hits. Check out the Mercedes CLK & VW EOS from our gallery

Black Alloy Wheels
Black alloy wheels will always be a favoriate. Weather as dipped in black or fully refurbished these modifications will improve the look of any vehicle