Colour Catch UK Liquid vehicle wraps

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Long-Term Business

Starting out

Starting out in early 2014, we have aimed to provide affordable vehicle modficiations in the form of vehicle wrapping. We can understand car modifications can be an expensive procedure, so as a failry new company we aim to be as competitive as other surrounding detailers, but at the sametime offer quality and valube services for money.

Why Liquid Wrap over Vinyl?

Liquid Vinyl uses a revolutionary high end protective and decorative coating that can be sprayed on virtually anything from Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, and Boats. Liquid vinyl can be used to spray on any surface, including Alloy Wheels, Push Bikes & Garden Funuriture. Whats even more remarkable is, once you are tired of the colour it is as simple as peeling off the liquid wrap. The Products we use are used all over the USA and Eurpoe and have been appproved by many major car manufactures across the world.

Benefits of liquid vinyl?

  • - Sprayed on liquid setting as a plastic layer with no edges
  • - Expect no creases or bubbles in the liquid wrap
  • - This process is completley reversible
  • - Heat Resistant upto 50c
  • - Pearl pigments available for most colours
  • - Wide Range of different colours available including chamelons
  • - Protects your paintwork from stonechips & Corossion
  • - Different finishes, from Matte, Satin, Metalics, Pearls & Gloss
  • - Additional finishes can be applied over the top of matte colours

Our Mission

@ Colour Catch UK

Our mission is to provide customers a way of changing the look of their vehicle for a 3rd of the price of Vinyl Wrapping. Flexible pricing in all our services, we want you to be within modification world minus the extortionate prices.



Other useful way's to use Liquid Vinyl

  • Motorbikes & Push Bikes
  • Eletrical devices, Laptops, MacBooks
  • Fridges & Hoovers
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Virtually anything